Infographic – Why do food systems in South African need to change?

This infographic was designed from discussions in the Food Governance Community of Practice in 2021.


We developed a series of three posters to provoke critical deliberations about key issues in food governance.

The first set of posters contains no speech captions

Here are some ideas of how you could work with these posters:

  • Allow participants to consider and interpret the images. 
  • Give each participant two sticky notes. 
  • Invite them to select two people in the poster and write on the sticky note to propose what the people shown in the poster might be saying. 
  • Ask the participants to attach their sticky notes to the poster and present it to the group.
  • Note where the majority of sticky notes are attached and where there are none. 
  • Invite reflection from the group.

The second set of posters contains likely captions based on research and consultation. These are better suited to an educational context, but can also be used to invite interaction and commentary by participants.

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