The Food Imbizo aims to grow connections, share and generate knowledge that can support more democratic, just, and transparent decision-making about food in South Africa.

Food concerns us all. It is fundamental to health, it expresses our sense of identity and belonging, its production, processing, distribution, retail and consumption has significant environmental impacts and provides jobs for thousands. 

However, the decisions which shape food systems and food environments are generally made behind closed doors in corporate boardrooms, food science laboratories, or government offices. This allows powerful stakeholders in the food system to benefit at the expense of the vulnerable and marginal. The consequences include widespread food insecurity, malnutrition, economic exclusion, and environmental destruction.

We believe that everyone who eats is entitled to a voice in governing food together towards more desirable futures. Our approach is based on participatory food democracy and knowledge co-production. Membership is open to anyone who participates in our gatherings.

Our focus is mainly on the local and provincial level of governance in South Africa as we believe that at the currently time this is where the most room for manoeuvre, in terms of innovative and adaptive solutions, can be found.

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